HOL Scrapbook

Haysville Online Went Online October 10th of 1999 with the url of locojoe.com/haysville
In June of 2000 we purchased the domain Haysvilleonline.com
Haysville Online has always been affectionately known and referred to as “HOL”

What Visitors Have Said over the years…
“Those pretty Haysville pictures are enjoyed by my family in Switzerland. Keep em coming!”
“I have been deployed for the Air National Guard for the past two months. Every once in a while I enjoy coming to this site to see what is going on back “home.””
“I really appreciate the HOL website, its jam packed with good stuff!”
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Awards HOL Has Received

HOL In The News

May 11th 2001 an article appeared in the Haysville Times about HOL. 
Here’s a short excerpt from the article by Johnna Harris…

HaysvilleOnline.com seems to be the main battlefield for message board war. The most popular subject, positive and negative has been the youngest addition to the school board, Seth Konkel.
HaysvilleOnline.com is an interactive website ranging from horoscopes to local weather, though the hot air isn’t coming from the weather report. By clicking first on the Interact button, followed by the message board, a person can read the latest posted opinions on just about anything in Haysville. The Tri-City Bowl may be a big deal on this page, but it’s not what is causing all the responses. Citizens of Haysville, graduates of Campus and even the elected themselves have taken part in the chatter."
"You’ll find it all here – the good, the bad and even some ugly.

October of 2005 HOL was the Haysville Time’s “Face Of Haysville” Click here to read the article or view scans of the paper below…

April 2005 HOL Becomes Official Website For The Haysville Times until it was sold.

HOL Elsewhere

For years we’ve put up a spoofed front page on HOL on April Fools Day. I never thought to save them until 2009.

At one time HOL sent out a monthly newsletter, had monthly contests with prizes and a bi-monthly poll.

In 2004 we teamed up with the Haysville Times and gave away $500 in Haysville Bucks in what was the first Fall Festival Medallion Hunt.

HOL screen shot from 2002