Happy Anniversary HOL

Belated anniversary wishes to HOL which has been online 12 years as of last month.

Thank you to all who have visited, contributed to and sponsored HOL over these 12 years.

Anyone remember our annual virtual Pumpkin Hunts or our Fall Festival Medallion Hunt? Check out our scrapbook to see just a little bit of what weve done in those 12 years.

HOL’s 2010 Stats

Here are a few stats for HOL in 2010

21,177 Visits. 12,234 Visitors. 51,010 Pages viewed.

Top Fives…

Where the visitors were from
1. Kansas
2. Arkansas
3. New York
4. Texas
5. Ohio

Visited pages
1. HOL main page
2. Local News
3. Archives
4. Haysville history
5. Smokey Butts BBQ

Search keywords
1. haysville ks
2. haysville online
3. haysville ks newspaper
4. haysville healthy habits
5. haysville kansas

Interesting search keywords
1. anumals on bike
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