Tornado Season Near If Not Already Here

99 tornado damage. photo by Kent V

Last night we heard the tornado warning sirens for what I believe was the first time this year excluding the Monday noon tests. Tornado season is approaching as is the 10th anniversary of the May 3rd tornado that devastated Haysville.
Our town has changed a lot in the past 10 years due in large part to the 1999 tornado. Visitors to Haysville would never know the destruction that was done but residents will never forget it.

Remembering the 1999 tornado…
Share your memories of that fateful night in May and the weeks that followed. Join in on the discussion of the 1999 Haysville tornado. has has a video interview and slide show with former Mayor Tim Norton remembering that historic evening.
View HOLs tornado photo gallery.

Tornado safety…
View the National Weather Service Preparedness Guide (requires Adobe Acrobat reader).

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