Mexican Missing From Haysville

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There is Chinese, Italian and American but where does one go in Haysville to get their Mexican food fix?

At one time Haysville did have the Taco Express located on North Main which had good Mexican fare. At some point the Taco Express added Chinese food to the menu which did make it a little easier to please the family’s opposite cravings in one stop. Later they eliminated the Mexican food, made a name change to the Bamboo Garden and moved the business to the building on Anita which the 99 tornado destroyed. This name and menu change made more sense to me considering the owner’s ethnicity. The business did reopen a few years after the tornado under the name China Cafe in what was left of the destroyed building and is still serving up great oriental dishes today.
In the time period between the Chinese restaurants there was a restaurant serving Mexican food by the name of Amelina’s. This place had really good authentic (at least as far as I know) Mexican food. Ironically it was in the building that the China Cafe now resides in. From what I recall Amelina’s might have been open a couple of years.

Anyway enough of the history lesson and back to the missing Mexican food. Why is there currently not a purely Mexican food establishment in Haysville? I think there now may be a burger joint in town that also serves tacos but I want a place dedicated to only this fine cuisine and is so proud of the fact they include Taco or Burrito right in their name. Would Haysville not support it? I thought everyone liked Mexican food. Especially the Americanized kind with ground beef and a lot of cheese. Should be easy enough to make.
I can’t recall exactly how many food groups the USDA claims there is but I think it’s at least 4. American, Chinese, Italian and of course Mexican. A balanced diet should contain weekly meals of each of these food groups and I shouldn’t have to go far to get it. The more I think about this I would like to not have to drive to get these meals. Within walking distance would be ok. Or at least within delivery range. Maybe one of those “Taco Trucks” from North Wichita could come down South here to Haysville at least once a week.
What to do? Until Haysville gets it’s own Mexican restaurant… I’ve figured out that regardless of what part of Haysville you live in you are no more than 3 or 4 miles from a restaurant serving Mexican cuisine. Those on the East side of the tracks might head north on Broadway to 47th where you have a choice between Taco Bell (blah), Taco Tico (blah) and little hole in the wall place hidden back in with Subway (pretty good if it’s even still open). West siders can head North on Seneca to 47th where they’ll find Taco J’s (been open a long time, must be doing something right) and the newly opened Los Mexican Burritos no 2 in the old Sonic building just North of 47th on Seneca (now my favorite).
Adios and Bon Appetit.

BTW Haysville Online’s new Dining Guide is what got me to thinking about this. Check it out.

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