Nelson School PTA Presidents

Nelson School, Haysville, Kansas PTA Presidents

Partial list

1955-1956 Mrs C.L. Tucker
1964-1966 Luella Logdson
1966-1967 Glen Crum
1970-1972 Carole Gonzalez
1972-1974 Joyce Adams
1977-1978 Cye Johnson
1988-1990 Susan Walston
1991-1993 Jackie Waters
1994-1995 Earlene Goff
1996-1997 Sarah Oswald
2001-2002 Lena Heflin
2002-2004 Jackie Waters & Tricia Dye
2004-2005 Marilyn Lemmons & Debra Dalton

District 57 Schoolhouse

The 2 room Red Brick Schoolhouse was located on the S/W corner of 79th South and Seneca.

“in 1941, the District 57 schoolhouse, nearly 20 years old, was Haysvilles only school. After being closed in the late 1940s it was used off an on as a overflow classroom during the citys rapid growth in the 1950s.”

Photo of the 1947-48 8th grade class.

Date unknown.

Prior to being destroyed in the 1999 tornado the building served as the Palmer Dentistry office.

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