Peter Pan

Ice cream store and parlor at 131 W Grand

From the Braums website

Bill Braum worked through high school with his father and after receiving a degree in Business Administration from the University of Kansas in 1949, he came back to Emporia to take a more active role in the family business. Henry Braum sold the wholesale part of the business in 1952 and began specializing in ice cream, developing a chain of retail ice cream stores in Kansas called “Peter Pan.” In 1957 he purchased the company from his father. The company had approximately 61 retail stores, when in 1967, a large wholesaler bought the “Peter Pan” chain of retail stores (excluding the Braum dairy herd and processing plant) As a condition of the sale, the Braum’s would not be allowed to sell ice cream in the State of Kansas for ten years.

The name “Peter Pan” came from the name of a park in Emporia Kansas.

Click here to see for a former Peter Pan building in Wichita.

Steen Pharmacy

Steen Pharmacy was a drug store at the North end of the Grandlane Shopping Center on West Grand in Haysville.
Not sure when it opened and closed but do recall it being open during the 70s.

Scan courtesy of Cathy Hurley.

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Mr. Swiss

Mr. Swiss was a Oklahoma based chain restaurant located at 418 W Grand and served soft serve ice cream and hamburgers among other things.

I’m guessing Mr. Swiss was in business from the late 1960s through the mid to late 1970s. The building has since been occupied by many businesses. In the photo below it was a hair salon.

More on the MR. Swiss chain here.

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