Campus Will Never Be The Same

Campus has had some changes, additions and renovations through it’s history but nothing compares to the latest.
From the USD 261 website “Campus High School began construction in October, 2006 on major renovations including halls between buidlings (sic)”.
Should the name of the high school now be changed? I believe the school got it’s name from it’s “campus” like layout which meant having to walk “out of doors” from building to building.

The centerpiece of Campus, the cafeteria, will also vanish along with the fresh air walks between classes.

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Is Haysville Really The Ideal Home Community?

1974 photo

Is Haysville The Ideal Home Community? Not according to Money Magazine. Your opinion may differ. If given a choice I would rather live here then visit. No smog or traffic jams and we’re close to the Turnpike so nice places to visit are just a handful of change away. As for being compared to Derby which seems to happen a lot… We are no fatter then Derbyites (is that what their called?) and we are younger so we’ve got that going for us.
See how Haysville compares to nearby cities and the top 10 best places to live Money Magazine’s Best Places To Live

Please note: this and all other editorials on this site may not necessarily reflect the views of, it’s friends, sponsors or other contributors.

Whoo Hoo for all of Us!!!

I am so pleased with all of the activities and entertainment that are now provided in Haysville. Having grown up in Haysville, I can appreciate the frustrations expressed regarding a lack of programs promoting unity and cohesive goals. As long as I can remember, the town and the people in it have endeavored to find ways to improve. All of this effort has resulted in what we currently have. There are so many activities provided for us. Some of which include a concert series in the park. This is a fabulous idea for entire families as well as the art in the park-theater type shows. There are baseball, swimming, soccer, football and basketball leagues for the children. We have various boy scout, girl scout and church based clubs for our families. I believe there are adult volleyball, softball and basketball groups. The library has over 400 of our children participating in their summer program keeping their brains and bodies active and productive. In addition, the HAC has been sponsoring a phenomenal number of programs for our town. They distribute calendars that literally have new and interesting programs provided daily. The “Night Hoops” program is incredible. What a fantastic way to keep our youth (teenagers) interested and active in their hometown. Not only can this keep them from delving into less desirable activities, but it can spark an interest and bond that will keep them here as responsible citizens to raise their own families some day. I am really not sure to whom the praise goes for all of these things, but Whoo Hoo to all of us for having it. I am guessing that the Park Board has something to do with the theater and concerts in the park-fabulous job. The Library personnel are responsible for the incredible job they are doing with the reading program-yea for them. And the HAC, working with quite a small staff, is accomplishing wonderful things. I certainly don’t believe that I could produce so much with so little. To these and everybody else even remotely involved in creating and maintaining a wonderful community-thank you so very much. You are helping to shape our children into loving, responsible and proud adults.

I am very proud of Haysville. I take great pride in announcing to others that this is my town. When the town accomplishes something wonderful, I take pride in knowing that I am a part of it. In the same respect, when the town undergoes a less then magnificent moment, I again, take partial ownership. Even if I did not personally have a hand in the action, I feel that it is my job as a citizen to take responsibility in improving whatever the situation is. Rather than focusing on something negative, I find myself much happier if I concentrate on ways to help make things better. In doing this, I can help to once again restore pride in our community. When injustice occurs, yes, not only should we address the issue, but as citizens who hold a stake in the future of our town, we have a duty to improve the foundation for our children. In searching for better solutions, a civil respectful problem-solving approach is absolutely necessary. Lack of anger control and temper tantrums solve so very little. They do however, clearly teach our children to react and behave according to the flair of their emotions rather than in an appropriate respectful manner. In the same respect, when something wonderful is happening, let’s blow our trumpets and shout it from the rooftops. Let everyone know that we are a great town. We have wonderful people who accomplish incredible things. We have award winning teachers and an outstanding passion about who we are. Our Police Department does an incredible service in educating both our citizens with their neighborhood watch programs and our children through the D.A.R.E. program. The various organizations in our town work together beautifully. The city, school system, activity center, parks and entertainment are integral to each other. They come together as one unified entity to make our community great. Historically, our school system is fabulous. It is one to consistently review and initiate ways to help shape our students for a wonderful future. Even with recent struggles, the goal is solidly to find ways to improve the situation, solve the problems, make plans to prevent future problems and above all else, always to drive forward in doing what is best for the children. We have members here who have devoted their entire lives to the people of this town. Our community is growing. At this point we have great potential to recreate ourselves. We can not only capitalize on our beautiful history, but we can now present ourselves in any light that we wish. In keeping in mind how my actions can be perceived as having come from not only myself, but my neighbors as well, I can help to be a positive part of the new representation of our community.

Paige M. Crum

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

Yesterday, innocence lost to faceless enemy
We watch in awe as planes destruct,
stunned in disbelief.
Taking innocent lives,
bodies falling from the sky.
The innocent being killed, buried alive.
People with faces, names.
Mother’s, Father’s, Family and friends.
Today, I awoke early with tears in my eye’s
rolling down my cheeks.
The alarm to wake me finally went off,
It was playing,
” I’m Proud to be an American.”
Then, I said another prayer today.
For all the lives that have been lost
and for the strength of all the others.
Thankful for the USA.
Yesterday now a memory,
Tomorrow we may never see
Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow.

Written by: haysville resident Sally Brooks