Haysville Police Department to Initiate “Safe Spot”

Haysville, KS (March 4, 2016) The Haysville Police Department has developed a “Safe Spot”, where citizens can conduct a variety of “exchanges” in a safe, secure, well-lit environment. Two parking stalls in front of the Haysville Police Department have had signage installed, designating them as the “Safe Spot.” They are available for use by citizens 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
“The two parking stalls we’ve selected were chosen because they are thoroughly lighted and easily visible on our security cameras. This makes them safe both day and night,” explains Haysville’s Police Chief, Jeff Whitfield. “Odds are, if someone is unwilling to meet in a public place, they probably don’t have the best of intentions.”
Creating a safe place for people to conduct online want ad transactions is an idea taking hold in communities across the country. Police departments in Boca Raton, Florida, East Chicago, Illinois and everywhere in between are taking steps to prevent the victimization of citizens during these exchanges by creating this type of safe zone. One of the more well-known online want ad sights, Craigslist.com, suggests public exchanges – especially with high value items – to reduce the odds of becoming victimized.
The Haysville Safe Spot’s purpose extends beyond sale transactions, though. “Not only can people exchange goods and cash in a secure manner,” says Whitfield, “they can use the Safe Spot for child custody swaps as well.” Many family law practitioners suggest using a public place for child custody swaps in order to reduce the chances of a dispute.
Haysville’s Safe Spot became operational on March 3, 2016.

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