Independence Day Aftermath

Some post Independence Day questions triggered by the above photo…
Is Haysville deserved of its “white trash” reputation?
Would this scene make our founding Fathers proud?
Is this stupidity or ignoranance?
Would either of the above justify setting off fireworks on someone elses property and leaving the trash?
Do the people who did this even know what year the Declaration of Independence was signed let alone what it means?
Do the offenders pay property tax?
Do the offenders even pay income tax?
What if everybody did this?
What would Jesus do?
After I left the scene of the crime I thought to myself, what does this make me to stop, take pictures, fuss about it, then leave it?
Could I possibly have paid for a portion of these fireworks?

Guilt set in and I went back and picked up the trash.

Whats pictured above was just the tip of the iceberg.

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