Haysville – The Rodney Dangerfield Of Small Towns

Just like the late comedian, Haysville gets no respect.
At a recent Jeff Dunham show in Wichita, the ventriloquist/comedian likened Haysville to hell.
A show now running at the Mosley Street Melodrama is titled “The Dukes of Haysville or the Hazzards of Going Down South…of Wichita”. I haven’t seen the play but I’m sure it pokes fun at Haysville and the South end.

I could list all the derogatory names I’ve heard Haysville and it’s citizens called but I wont. You’ve probably heard them all too. Especially if you know someone from Derby.

When and why did Haysville get this reputation?

Just a few quotes I found on the internet referring to Haysville…

“I dont like Bobby and never will, hes fake and white trash. Hes from Haysville so that can tell you something.”

“Why do people call Haysville “The white trash capital of KS?” I’ve heard that many times. Maybe it doesn’t apply anymore after the tornado? Everything’s new. ”

“My vehicle stalls out if it crosses Douglas st. to the south. Whole different breed of folks down there.”

“because the Haysville white trash don’t care ”

“i went garage sale’n in haysville or shall i say redneck city”

“I live in Haysville, and wish I could move. People that live there are the dumbest, blue collar union people anyone could ever imagine… I can’t wait to see this hole get annexed into Wichita and all the rednecks kicked out”

“9/10 people down THERE don’t carry auto insurance. A dentist would starve in that town.”

“as the people there invoke trailer trash better than Haysville, Kansas”

What’s a Haysvillian to do? Defend yourself and your town from this bad reputation (deserved or not ) or embrace it?
The area band Soulicit chooses to embrace it in songs of there’s such as Dirty South.

The Dukes of Haysville or the Hazzards of Going Down South…of Wichita

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