1999 Tornado And I-beam

Of all the Haysville tornado stories, I don’t recall this one that I just come across…

Photo date: May 6, 1999
Photographer: FEMA / Mannie Garcia
Photo location: Haysville KS
FEMA Director (L), James Lee Witt describes to Kansas Governor (R), Bill Graves how a thirty foot, one inch thick, steel I-beam is driven into the ground in Haysville, Kansas. The steel I-beam found its way into the backyard of Mr. Wallace (C) whose home was destroyed. Winds exceeding 275 MPH during the tornado carried the I-beam over a quarter mile causing the damage. Accompanying the men is John Miller, (2R) Regional Director/FEMA. Photo by Mannie Garcia/FEMA.

Photo and info taken from the FEMA website.

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