Sign Of The Time… And Temp

Historic District Sign

There was a time long ago when a person would travel down Grand possibly not having a clue as to what the time and temperature was. Luckily due to advances in sign technology things have changed. For a while now our city has had a couple of electronic signs that display the time and temperature. Haysville State Bank had the first digital sign in town. The second one I believe was installed at City Hall to keep tabs of the West side time and temp. For a short period there was even a digital sign at the corner of Main and Grand to monitor time and temp changes while you waited at the light. Since then a Church at the East end of town has installed one. Earlier this year the city installed a digital sign by the entrance to the Historic Park to keep you up-to-date on time/temperature changes between the existing signs at City Hall and Intrust Bank.

New Sign at Alternative School

The current sign system works fine if you’re let’s say… going to City Hall to pay your water bill after having the number 1 combo deal for lunch at Sonic. But what if you need to go to Kwik Shop for gas and an Icee after leaving City Hall? Sure you know what the time and temp is when you leave City Hall but a lot can change between there and Kwik Shop. Lucky for you it looks like the School District is stepping up to fill that void West of City Hall. The old Grandlane shopping center sign is receiving an upgrade. As of this writing the sign is only flashing pretty designs and the manufacturers name but I’m willing to bet it won’t be long before the time and temp is displayed.

East End Church Sign

As colorful and flashy as these newest signs are, when it comes to digital signs in the area none of these hold a candle to the Mother of all digital signs the one at 63rd and Broadway.
If you would like to experience what a drive down Grand might have been like before the invention of the digital sign, drive down Main street. I don’t know why the city’s North/South street is being neglected when it comes to the time and temp.
Granted these signs can be used to display messages in addition to the time and temperature. One particular message on the East side church sign recently got my attention. Being a Church I wonder why they just didn’t stop at “Don’t Drink”?
Back in the day changing the message on a pre-digital sign meant a person getting a little exercise and fresh air. Especially if trying to keep the time and temp up to date (I don’t recall ever seeing this done though).
Misspellings couldn’t be blamed on simple typos.

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