If Ed B Were Elected Mayor

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All this election discussion got me to thinking what I might do if I were to become Mayor. Just like other Mayoral candidates I would place a priority on both how money is spent and new business in Haysville. But before we build new buildings for retail, commercial and civic use it makes more sense to me to fill the existing empty buildings first. In addition to reusing existing buildings there are other money saving ideas in my plan which are emphasized in italics. Continue reading to see my suggestions as to what could be done with some of these vacant buildings. Click the images to enlarge.

Reopen Pam’s Diner as the Spam Diner. Only one letter would need to be moved on the sign. This would give us bragging rights over Derby as it’s something they don’t already have. It would even draw business from Derby as I’m sure there are plenty of Derby residents craving a good Spamwich or Spam boat. Especially in the future when Derby outlaws Spam within it’s city limits.

Schneider Clinic for obvious reasons could become the Mexican Restaurant Haysville is missing. This would require new signage to read El Viejo Píldora Molino Restaurante but other than that the exterior of the building would need no other changes. This new restaurant would be known for it’s large waiting room so you’re not standing, waiting outside on a busy Friday or Saturday night. Not for sure if the rest of the interior would need any changes though.

The School district could purchase another strip mall. This time instead of an old money pit that requires a lot of work I suggest the new one on North Main. The purpose of this school would be to educate students who for what ever reason can’t learn in any of the other 3 schools Campus, Alternative and Tri City. An alternative alternative school.

The old Norland Plastics building looks to be pretty big so I think for only the cost of a few thousand folding chairs it might work well as a arena/concert hall/convention center. It could catch the spill over from Century II, Charles Koch Arena, the Coliseum and the new Intrust Bank and Hartman arenas. Plus it’s just a mile off the Turnpike and right next to the train tracks should Amtrack ever decide to make Haysville a stop. Parking might be an issue but that could be dealt with after the fact.

I think Haysville has outgrown it’s little Post Office. Instead of a expensive nice new one like so many other smaller communities get I propose we divide the town by East and West of the tracks each side with it’s own Post Office. The old City Hall/Senior Center building would work great for a new East side branch. It’s already brick, bland and boring so no changes needed. With the railroad over pass now in place there shouldn’t be any major delays in East-West mail traffic.

The old Sonic building. I would wait for this building to either fall down on it’s own or be taken out by a tornado thus saving the cost of tearing it down. Then we would construct a new replica building around the surviving deep fryer and designate it a historical park. Fast food workers could meet here occasionally to hone their deep frying skills.

Looking towards the future. At some point in time another nice building will become vacant when the next new library is built. I believe there are lots of possibilities for the future old library building.
With a big addition built on to it, another church.
After the recession I think there will once again be a need for more tanning salons and video rental stores. Possibly a combination of the two in the building.
Although long time Haysville residents have already “been there and done that” the building could be remodeled into a roller rink or bowling alley for those who haven’t.

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