The “ABK’s” Of Haysville Business

Can you find the K for C businesses on these signs?

I’ve always wondered about Haysville businesses misspelling words in their name by replacing the C with a K. I assume it is to grab your attention but once it has your attention what are you then to think?
I’ll start with two local businesses who provide the same service as a daycare and both use the the K in place of the C in their names. What does it say about a business whose business it is to provide a learning environment for kids while being day cared for. Do the children in the care of these “double K daycares” have a hard time when it comes to spelling? To find out I quizzed my own offspring (now an adult) and a graduate from one of Haysville’s “double K daycares”. I started out easy with words like “cow” and “car”. I then jumped to a tough word “cuisine” and finally threw a curve ball with both “cat” and “kitten”. I’m glad to say he aced them all and thus I conclude that the name of the daycare had no effect on what he learned while there.
If you’ve been around Haysville awhile you know the K for a C business name isn’t restricted to daycares. You can get a hair kut at Klassy Kuts, gas and snacks at Kwik Shop and who can forget Kritter Kingdom and Krzy 4 Kool Klothes.
Now I know it’s not only Haysville businesses that use this clever(?) misspelling tactic as I have seen it done else where but it does seem to be pretty popular here. I wonder is it popular as well in other counties? Does it even work in someplace like China?
I also wonder would .kom have created more of a boom and buzz then .com?
Oh and surely at one time or another that restaurant on South Broadway was called the Kountry Kitchen.

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