Haysville In The Mid 1900s

Submitted anonymously by a former resident…

Grandpa Tyson: Managed the old grain elevator when we first moved to Haysville in 1938. I don’t know his first name, everyone (at least the kids) just called him Grandpa Tyson. At the time Grandpa Tyson was there, the elevator included a hardware store that was a throwback to the early 1900’s.
Also, I believe Mr. James Mitchell ran an icehouse on the north side of Baughman’s store. Electrification put the icehouse out of business and Mr. Mitchell went to work for Beech Aircraft during the war. Mr. Ward ran the blacksmith shop, which was still in business until the war, but he also went to work in the defense industry (Boeing, I think). He tried to reopen the shop after the war, but modern farm equipment made blacksmithing obsolete so he went back to working in industry.
Rev. Reese was the pastor of Christian church all of the time I can remember.
The Methodist church had several pastors. The one I remember was Mr. Miller. He was a part-time preacher that also held services at Peck and worked at Boeing (I think?).

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