Remax Driver of the Week

Our driver of the week is Johnny Whitmore, which this is his 27th year in racing.
Whitmore started racing

because of a friend and he started out in the street stock division.
Whitmore has raced in Street Stock, Semi-late, late model, sportsman, and now modified.

Whitmore’s favorite division is the modified because they are more fun and you could run two or three nights a week.
The veteran driver wrecked his car and it was

totaled and was unable to race for about a month or so. August 19th was his first week back out since the accident.
“Racing is the only sport I have ever done and stuck

with it. I love the excitement of racing,” said Whitmore.
Whitmore is part of the race day ministries which actually helped him justify racing and being a Christian.

“I felt that I racing was not right because I was also a Christian. I actually didn’t race for a year and half because of engine problems felt that the god was keeping

from racing,” said Whitmore.
Whitmore attended a meeting in Bristol, Tennessee and became part of the race day ministries.
Whitmore helps with the opening

invocation and volunteers on the fire truck and ambulance.
The modified driver hopes the finish the season off in one piece and survives the year.
“I plan on

racing as long as the good lord will let me,” said Whitmore.

By Cathy Loffland

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