Jay Purkey Remax Driver of the Week

“I’ve been turning wrenches since before I could walk,” said Jay Purkey of the Thumper division at 81 Speedway.
Purkey is from a long line of race car drivers. He started racing about a year and half ago. This is Purkey’s first year in the Thumper division.
Purkey chose the Thumper division because it was one of the cheaper classes to start racing in.
Purkey races in Hutchinson on Friday nights and at 81 Speedway on Saturday nights. He is third in points at Hutchinson and sixth in points at 81 Speedway and he is sitting second in Rookie of the Year points at 81 Speedway.
Purkey would like to finish the season off by finishing in the top ten in points at 81 Speedway and in the top five in points at Hutchinson.
The number 35 Thumper is sponsored by Purkey Auto Salvage, Purkey’s Discount Racing Products and Fetish Lingerie.
The young driver would like to move up to either the Street Stock Division or Late Model Division, depending on what money will allow.
The Purkey family and Hall family have gone way back so when Bill Hall passed away Jay Purkey decided he would donate 10% of his winnings in memory of Bill Hall to the Shriners Temple on North Topeka.
Good luck Jay Purkey in the rest of this season.

Cathy Loffland

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