Justin White

A young driver in the cruiser division had a run of bad luck at the beginning of this year. In April of this year Justin White

was not feeling very well and let somebody else drive his car. They came around a turn and crashed into the wall, and the car was totaled. In his six years of racing,

this was the first time that White let somebody else drive his car.
White was out of racing for about a month and half while he built a new car.
The young driver

is the gas man and his driver or brake man is Jimmy Buress.
White is in charge of watching the lights and flag man and also pays attention to the other drivers.

gas man has to know how much gas your driver can handle,” said White.
White got started in racing because he helped a good friend Flipper Moss with his car and decided

to build one of his own.
“I like the cruiser division because it is good competition and everybody is pretty friendly,” said White.
The car is owned by White and he

keeps the car maintained and race-ready. The winnings are split by both the gas man and the brake man.
White’s sponsors are Winkler Tree Service, Brad Curtis Electric

and Dynamite Bail Bonds.
For this season White just wants to finish out the year and next year he wants to point’s race.
You can catch Justin White on Thursday

nights at 81 Speedway.

Cathy Loffland

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