Driver of the Week

Shawn Langhover Jr. Photo Credit: Earl Fry

Shawn Langhover, Jr. is our driver of the week. He has been racing for three years now. He got started because of his dad.
At the beginning of the season, Langhover had a lot of problems with stuff breaking on the car almost every week.
May, Langhover bought a 2001 Belleville Car. Since then, he has
steadily been improving with finishing in the top ten and being able to
move up in points.
He also won his first B Feature this year after he bought the new car. This was the first win he has ever had.
Right now, Langhover is sitting 11th in points. He would like to finish the season off in the top five in points.
Langhover is a young driver and likes to help other drivers when they need the help.
“I believe that I have been doing better because I’m not breaking every week and the car drives real easy,” said Langhover.


By Cathy Loffland

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